Facials to Give your Skin a Youthful Glow

Radiance Spa offers a variety of facials for men and women. Here's a more detailed look at some of them.

Microneedling Treatment

This is our newest facial treatment and we are very excited about it. This is an alternative to laser and chemical peels. The Dermapen creates micro-injuries in your skin to spur the healing process. The injuries can't be seen after two days. When your skin's healing powers kick in, it produces more collagen and elastin which fills out your face and reduces wrinkles. After a course of treatments, you can expect continued improvement in your face for up to two years.

PCA Skin Professional Treatments

PCA Skin treatments is a national program that trains professionals in how to use the various PCA Skin products and guide clients through the process. Radiance Spa has invested in this program and our clients report wonderful results.

This facial treatment is customized to fit your skin type. It can be used on oily, normal and dry skin. People with acne and Rosacea problems can also use it.

If you think this is a treatment for you, you can get a free consultation before the facial. The licensed esthetician will explain the entire process and everything used. This facial does come with some after-care requirements which will be fully explained.

Radiance Signature Facial

Developed right here at Radiance Spa, this is a facial that is aimed at meeting your skin's needs in this part of Pennsylvania. We can adapt the facial to the season as well. After all, what works in Arizona's summers won't work in a Pennsylvania winter.

We use a "delicate blend of essential oils, botanicals, and herbs" to hydrate your skin and exfoliate the dead cells. Your skin will feel firmer, tighter and younger. We top this one off with a neck and shoulder massage to make sure you leave feeling your absolute best.

Aromatherapy Mini Facial

Don't have much time? Well, we hate that you are rushed. A spa is a place where you should relax and take your time. But we do understand. The mini facial uses essential aromatherapy oils without any extractions to make you feel better and look better in a short amount of time. The whole treatment is 30 minutes so you can have it done on your lunch hour.

Natural Pumpkin Peel Facial 

This facial uses pumpkin peel to exfoliate, soft skin to reduce wrinkles and it destroys bacteria on the surface of your skin. If you need deep extraction, this can be added. We recommend this for problem skin, especially those with acne. The treatment reduces the bacteria that make acne problems worse.

Start the New Year with a refreshing facial from the professionals at Radiance Spa. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!