Body Waxing for Men: What you may not know

This is perfectly normal to be nervous and feel this is something that is not manly or appropriate for you, the average guy who has visited our site and is curious about our services. This blog is specifically written for you. It is nothing to be embarrassed about or feel it will make you less of a man (guy really).

Body waxing is not relegated to the finer sex. More and more men are enjoying being waxed. Besides, consider professional wrestlers, body builders, swimmers and divers all keep their body hair at an absolute minimum, so why should you be different? All spa services have myths and facts, but today we are going to look at the myths about body waxing. Read on and learn.

Waxing exposes pores – this is bad!
Yes; it does expose your pores, but this is nothing dangerous. The secret is being clean and moisturizing your skin – two things you do anyway. This will keep the skin smooth and minimize damage. Stay out of the sunshine and tanning bed as well for a few days; skin is vulnerable due to the irritation of removed hair.

Hair won’t grow anymore!
This would be so wonderful for ladies who fight hair on a regular basis. If this were the case, we would not have a regular job. Shaving cuts hair at the skin level not at the follicle. Waxing removes hair at the follicle and will stay smooth for a few weeks.

I have to look like a Sasquatch to be waxed!
You don’t need to look like a Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yeti or any other mythical hairy creature. Most waxing can be done with ¼” of growth. Eyebrows need less than that.

Waxing doesn’t hurt! Pain is for wimps.
Body waxing can be uncomfortable the first time. The depth of the hair is what causes the exquisite feeling, but as you continue to wax, it will lessen. The professional waxing technician has knowledge to help lessen some of the discomfort and relax you during the process.

Still curious? Contact us here at Radiance Spa. We have several men’s services that will make you feel great and want to return for more!

Call (215) 343-0350 and pamper yourself with a spa treatment, massage, or natural hair removal service. Have a wonderful escape from your daily routine at Radiance Spa.


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