Acupuncture at Radiance Spa may Ease Headache Pain

If you're suffering from regular and recurring headaches, acupuncture treatments at Radiance Spa may be able to reduce or even eliminate that pain.

Our therapist Anna has a wealth of experience with acupuncture. When you book a session, plan on being here for an hour and a half. You'll meet with Anna to decide what course of therapy is best for you. Together you will review your medical history, discuss the pains you are having and the plan a series of acupuncture treatments. After the first session, treatments last an hour.

Does it really help? A 2012 study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal says yes. "Compared with patients in the control group, patients in the acupuncture groups reported fewer days with a migraine during weeks 5–8”, the authors say. And, "There was a significant reduction in the number of days with a migraine during weeks 13–16 in all acupuncture groups compared with control."

A control group does not receive any treatment during a medical study.

That's not the first or only study to show acupuncture helps control headaches, even migraines.

"A Cochrane systematic review first published in 2001 analyzed 16 studies involving 1151 patients and concluded that ‘the existing evidence supports the value of acupuncture for the treatment of idiopathic headaches’, but called for further large-scale studies," says an article at The Migraine Trust. The author adds, "In one such study, patients suffering with chronic headache (80% with migraine) were given 12 sessions of acupuncture over 3 months. This resulted in 34% fewer headache days, 15% less medication, 15% fewer days off work and 25% fewer GP visits after one year."

That's a lot less pain. That's a lot less suffering.

Will acupuncture work for you? Call Radiance Spa and book an appointment with Anna. Together you can discover how well this ancient Chinese medical procedure works. You’ll probably be wondering why


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