Gentlemen: Why you should go to the Day Spa

Hey; I get it. You are a man. Men watch football. Men drink beer and barbeque. Men have body hair…and they are proud of it! Being a dude doesn’t mean you can’t come to the spa.

Wait! Come back! Really! Just hear me out.

Consider this…

Not just for the ladies – There are plenty of men - or dudes…however you like to refer to yourself, who frequent day spas. It is a perfectly normal thing to do. We at Radiance Spa have packages specifically designed around you.

The services – Want a massage? Got it covered. Thinking about getting a facial? We can do that as well. Believe me; having a relaxing massage after a long day at work is nothing short of amazing! Waxing? Um, despite what you may think, body hair is not 100 percent attractive. There is a reason body builders are shaven clean.

It feels good – Remember what I said about the massage? There is not a man around that does not love a good back rub, so imagine that same treatment being performed on your face, neck and shoulders. Yeah, we thought you would approve.

It’s so relaxing – Men are hard wired to be providers. This is a biological fact. This hard wiring can lead to lots of stress, and stress can bring on a number of other problems. Radiance Spa is built around helping you, as a man, chill out and let go for a while. There is no shame in stepping back for a break. You may find that you actually enjoy going to the spa more than some of your more manly activities.

No judgment zone – We know your buddies may poke fun at you for coming to the spa. We will not. Oh and guess what? You probably won’t be the only dude there! We actually love men to come in and find out about our services. You will likely get hooked when you come in, and that is fine by us.

There you have it. Five solid reasons why coming to Radiance Spa is a good idea for you. Another great idea is to make it a couple’s spa day. We welcome you to visit our website to see what we have to offer at Radiance Spa. We also look forward to providing you with a little relaxation that we know you so deserve!

Schedule an appointment today at Radiance Spa and experience complete relaxation. Call (215) 343-0350.


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